Laundry renovations created with your lifestyle in mind

We love helping people transform this often forgotten space in their home into an area that completely complements their lifestyle.

If you’re looking to create a stylish and modern laundry space, our expert designer can incorporate clever storage solutions, additional bench space as well as hidden or customised drying racks to increase the functionality of your laundry.

Forrest Street, Fremantle

Forrest Street, Fremantle

Hartung Way, Bull Creek

Hartung Way, Bull Creek

Grenfell Way, Leeming

Grenfell Way, Leeming

Maquire Way, Bull Creek

Maquire Way, Bull Creek

Delivering laundries with style and functionality

The laundry is often one of the most forgotten rooms in the house when it comes to renovating. But yet, it’s one of the most frequently used spaces!

Above all, the most important aspect of a laundry is the functionality and how it can best be utilised to make our daily chores that little bit easier.

Firstly we consider the basics:

  • create the exact layout that works for you
  • allow for ample storage, bench space and laundry baskets
  • select complementary materials to the rest of the home
  • use a colour palette that is calming and neutral
  • add a little touch of luxury

Our Designer and Builder will collaborate with you to explain exactly how your renovation wish list can turn into an extremely functional and stylish laundry. Each step of the process is completely handled by our team so that you can enjoy the journey.

We will work through the following steps with you in detail so that you are comfortable with the entire process.

  1. Setting your renovation budget and keeping it in check.

2. Designing your laundry layout to serve you every day.

3. Making your stone and cabinetry selections.

4. Discussing the extent of the renovation and any additional works.

5. Receiving your quotation.

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Why choose a Luxury Laundry Designer

As a company we have produced hundreds of stunning luxury renovations in Perth, from kitchens and bathrooms to laundries and living areas.

Being designers and builders, we have the capability of not only designing the most creative kitchen spaces for our clients, we also have the industry experience to look at the all the structural options you may have available to you to undertake complex kitchen renovations.

We assess not only the kitchen functionality for your family but also create perfect designs to blend seamlessly with the architecture of your home. We can transform uninspiring, dated kitchens and deliver a perfect balance between glamour and practicality.

Maximising storage space

The laundry is the perfect room to incorporate great cabinetry ideas to best conceal a myriad of  domestic items that are often stored. We can also select beautiful tiles and fittings to highlight the style of the room.

Whether you love it or hate it, laundry is a chore need to do! By including practical solutions you can turn a once chaotic space into the most organised room in your home.

When dealing with laundries we are often dealing with small and awkward spaces. Yet it is so easy to plan and incorporate clever ideas to mnaximise every little bit of space.

  • hanging bars for air-drying clothes and dealing with items for ironing
  • incorporate a space for pull out drying racks
  • install more bench space for folding clothes
  • adding more overhead cabinetry or open shelving to display your items
  • investing in matching storage containers or baskets to organise all your items
  • create custom easy to reach spaces and store away step ladders and ironing boards
  • allow ample space for laundry hampers and bins

No matter what space you have, leave it with our designer to bring in a generous storage options and family friendly ideas that will leave you loving your laundry.

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Need to create a laundry space to complement a nearby bathroom?

Our Builder is Perth based and qualified and has had many years of experience in the industry. He brings the knowledge and professionalism required to complete all your renovation requirements to the highest of standards. Ask about planning a multi-room renovation and consider teaming your style and theme throughout the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. So that you achieve consistency and flow throughout your home.

Often the laundry and bathroom are located very closely, therefore when you are considering a bathroom renovation, it makes sense to also plan a complementing laundry renovation. Matching custom cabinetry and stone tops in both the bathroom and laundry can show a well planned home free from the normal chaos often found in the laundry. A simple broom closet, laundry hamper and overhead cabinetry can conceal a myriad of cleaning products and odds and ends that many people keep on display.

When you engage a Registered Builder to manage your renovation,  you are ensuring that the work is completed by qualified individuals which ensures peace of mind.

  • All work is done in accordance with the Australian Building Code
  • Home indemnity insurance is provided by your Builder which is a legal requirement in Australia for residential works over $20,000.00.
  • You pay a deposit of 6.5% which is in line with Australian Legislation.
  • You will receive a fixed price legal contract for ‘Small Home Building Works’, which covers all renovations works conducted at your property.
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Utilising bench space and visually streamlining the room

Many people find it hard to visualise what the culmination of all their kitchen designs and many selections will eventually look like. As a standard part of our design process we provide you with a 3D rendered image so that you can see exactly what your dream kitchen will look like.

Our highly experienced Kitchen Designer and Builder will both work closely with you to create a complete kitchen space packed with the latest designs and materials, clever storage options and best appliance choices.

They will create for you a personalised kitchen centerpiece to complement your lifestyle.

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See the difference! Allow our Designer to create your new luxury retreat

All our clients receive a complementary Interior Design Consultation worth $500.

From inception through to completion, our qualified Interior Designer will guide you through every step of the design process. From assisting in plumbing fixtures or colour palette selections, she consistently provides a level of service that goes above and beyond.

Her designs are known for being sophisticated, timeless and highly personalised. She always tailors her designs to incorporate the client’s personality and style whilst simultaneously prioritising everyday functionality. Let our Designer turn your dream space into a reality.



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